Mums reikia nuobodulio, kad kurtume? Taip sako Scott Adams

by Liudas Sodonis on August 7, 2011

Visas savo mintis, tema apie nuobodulį, jis išdėstė wall street jurnal.
Geriausia vieta (po šomis eina dar kelios geros):

Now let’s suppose that the people who are leaders and innovators around the world are experiencing a similar lack of boredom. I think it’s fair to say they are. What change would you expect to see in a world that has declining levels of boredom and therefore declining creativity? Allow me to describe that world. See if you recognize it.

For starters, you might see people acting more dogmatic than usual. If you don’t have the option of thinking creatively, the easiest path is to adopt the default position of your political party, religion or culture. Yup, we see that.

Scott Adams

Teisybė, o aš maniau, kad nuobodumas yra blogai. Dabar pradedu suprasti, kad klystu.

Nors ne visiems žmonėms tos kūrybos reikia.

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